Custom Golf Apparel

Making Quad Bogeys look fashionable.


Mad Golf Apparel was Founded by Max De Sousa and Darren Mendonca.
Mad Golf Apparel

Max De Sousa

Golf has always been a fundamental part of my life. I started playing at the age of 16 at a State Mines Country Club, often playing at a competitive level and monthly society golf events.

Everything was serious and little variations for just fooling around with my mates and having a laugh. Like everything else, life takes over and hobbies are left behind. I stopped playing golf just before my Matric Finals.

Four years later, and the golf bug has bit harder than ever! Our weekly fourball consists of a bunch of hackers with a few good shots here and there. We take the game as seriously as the next bunch, but there is always time for banter between shanks and duffs.

The aim of Mad Golf Apparel is to break the seriousness of golf just enough to crack a joke or start a conversation with people you hardly know with the help of FFS (FORE FUCK SAKES) written on your cap and our Logo on your polo. I want to break the stigmatism that golf is an old man’s sport, or golf is boring and bland. We are here to breathe life into the golfing scene.

Darren Mendonca

Unlike my partner, my golfing career started in my early 20s, and instantly fell in love with the game! Golf has its serious moments — where a 3-foot putt makes the difference between winning the bragging rights or going straight home after the round.

Mad Golf Apparel is more my style of banter: chirping the mates but also receiving my fair share when I lose my temper after the uncountable amounts of shanks, duffs, and hooks (not in that order).

My experience in the Apparel Industry allowed me to bring a new creative perspective to our products, as well as ensuring that everything we touch goes through a 1000-point quality inspection.

We are Mad Golf Apparel – we are loud, we stand out and we try to make jokes. Keep an eye on the socials for more about us and our products, and please leave a like and comment where you can!

Mad Golf Apparel
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